Croatian scientists appeal for protection of Adriatic Sea

Croatian scientists appeal for protection of Adriatic Sea.(pic credit:

Zagreb, (Asian independent) Croatian scientists have issued a public appeal for the protection of the Adriatic Sea, stressing that this is a precondition for the sustainable development of the society.

The appeal was sent to the Croatian government, Parliament and the public on Sunday, reports Xinhua news agency.

The scientists claim that the changes are irreversible, from the increase in the temperature of the Adriatic Sea, the increase in levels and salinity to the appearance of storm waves.

The scientists claim that various non-domicile, thermophilic species of fish, algae, bacteria and gelatinous organisms are increasingly appearing in the Adriatic.

These invasive and poisonous organisms might significantly changes the biodiversity of the Adriatic Sea, according to the scientists.

One of the phenomena includes the mass appearance of jellyfish, which ultimately harms tourism, the appeal said.

Tourist activities with climate change put the greatest pressure on the Adriatic, and the consequence is that a larger amount of various harmful substances come into the sea, the appeal added.

The danger for the Adriatic is also due to uncontrolled construction along the coast, the appeal said.

The scientists propose more active protection of the Adriatic Sea, strengthening the understanding of the functioning of ecosystems and passing legislation for more protective measures.