COVID-19 shutdown leads to sharp drop in Dhaka crime rate

People wearing face masks are seen on a bus in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Dhaka,(Asian independent)- Due to a shutdown across Bangladesh over the coronavirus pandemic, the crime rate in the capital Dhaka has dropped sharply, a media report said on Monday.

In the report, bdnews24 said that the police generally produce more than 200 arrested persons in the C

“The rate of crimes has dropped because even the criminals are not leaving home due to the coronavirus,” Zafar Hossain, deputy commissioner of Court Police, told bdnews24.

The law enforcers, with very few cases lodged at the 51 police stations in the capital city, were now busy keeping people at home to stem the outbreak.

Majority of arrested persons were held for suspicious activities, encroachment or gambling.

The number of coronavirus cases in Bangladesh was 49 with five deaths.