COVID-19: Kerala Police latest video teaches Yoga

For a change, it's bouquets for the efforts of a Kerala Police team, whose video has gone viral, wherein it shows the need for washing ones hands with soap to keep out the raging Covid -19 out. The Kerala Police, apart from providing total support to the efforts of containing the spread of coronavirus, it's this video that has taken over the social media, which has won them kudos.

Thiruvananthapuram,  Apart from doing its regular policing jobs, ever since COVID-19 struck, the Kerala Police has now become the cynosure of all eyes, after its video Рon washing hands turned a global hit.

On Thursday, they come out with a new video – ‘practise yoga against corona’ and within an hour after it was put out, the 7.40 minute long video got more than a 100 views.

The video has been shot in the sprawling lawns of the State Police headquarters in the state capital city and is available on the YouTube channel of the Kerala Police.

Participating in this are three women and two police officials and it gives a broad glimpse of around 18 ‘asanas’.