A Conservative councillor in Wolverhampton is calling on the city authority to fly the Union Flag outside the Civic Centre on January 31st, the day we leave the European Union. 

Merry Hill councillor Simon Bennett has submitted a motion to be debated at the Full Council meeting on 29th January, which urges the council to raise the flag “in a spirit of unity”.

The full Motion states: “That this Council agrees to mark the historic occasion of the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union on 31st January in a spirit of unity by flying the Union Flag outside the Civic Centre for the duration of that day.”

Wolverhampton voted overwhelmingly to leave the European Union in the 2016 referendum, and in December’s General Election the Conservatives enjoyed success across Wolverhampton on the back of a simple message to get Brexit done, winning two out of the three constituencies and getting the most votes of any political party within the city.

However, the Labour-run council has faced accusations in the past of being anti-Brexit, after a member of staff used the council’s official Twitter account to ‘like’ tweets praising MPs for voting against the Government’s Brexit legislation.

Councillor Bennett said: “Whether you voted leave or remain in the EU referendum, it is right that we mark this historic occasion of the UK formally leaving the European Union. Now is the time to come together as our country begins a new chapter, and I can think of no better way to unite the city than to fly the Union Flag on 31st January. 

“Now that we are finally getting Brexit done, with the support of a majority of Wolverhampton residents, the Government and indeed Wolverhampton Council itself can move on and start to work on the many challenges facing our city. I hope that councillors from across the political divide will support my motion.”