Cops deployed at quarantine centres housing Tablighi Jamaat members

Delhi Police raided and quarantined more than 100 people which include 60 foreigners, some of them attendees of Tablighi Jamaat. (Photo: Sanjeev Kumar Singh Chauhan)

Ghaziabad, (Asian independent) Taking a note of the obscene behaviour and indiscipline displayed by the suspected coronavirus-infected Tablighi Jamaat members, the authorities in Ghaziabad have decided to deploy police at all quarantine and isolation centres housing them in order to prevent any further mischief.

The decision to deploy police was taken on Friday, a day after a case for obscene behaviour, non-cooperation and other charges was filed against some inmates of an isolation ward for suspected coronavirus patients at a hospital here

Speaking to IANS on Friday night, Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP), Ghaziabad, Kalanidhi Naithani said: “The need for security at the quarantine and isolation centres was felt. A complaint was made by the District Health Department officials. The complaint said that MMG State Hospital located in the district has many suspected corona infected patients. Some of them are also suspected to have returned from a visit to Nizamuddin Tablighi Jamaat headquarters in Delhi.”

A section of staff in Ghaziabad-based M.M.G. Government Hospital wrote in a complaint to the Chief Medical Superintendent that “many Jamaat members admitted to the isolation ward of the hospital were misbehaving with the employees and the nursing staff”.

The Jamaat members, many of whom are corona suspects, were seen roaming around in semi-nude condition in front of female nursing staff and singing obscene songs, the complaint said

The staff also mentioned in the letter that many Jamaat members in the hospital have demanded tobacco and cigarettes.

The complaint stated that the Jamaat members did not listen to any instruction given by the doctors and nursing staff, and they kept spitting in the ward.

The SSP investigated this complaint on April 2 along with a joint team of Ghaziabad SP City Manish Mishra and ADM Shailendra Singh. The allegations were found to be true. After this, a criminal case was filed against the accused in the police station.

“Keeping all these points in mind, the safety of doctors and nursing staff was of paramount importance. Hence, I have deployed police teams at every quarantine and isolation centre. The police staff in-charge of each centre will also be an inspector-level officer. One sub-inspector will be posted in two shifts of 12 hours each,” the SSP said.

Besides, two constables and four women police personnel will be deployed (as per the need) during the day, as well as in the night.

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