Containment zones drop to 87 in Delhi; most in north district

New Delhi

New Delhi, (Asian independent) With 16 Containment Zones, the north district in the national capital has the highest number of containment zones out of a total of 87 in the city.

So far, a total of 41 zones have been de-contained, as per the data shared by the Delhi government on Sunday — highest 10 from the east district, followed by the north district, the south district has 15 zones while the south-east has 13 containment zones.

Among those having the least zones were — east and west, each having one active zone.

The south-west and north-west districts have 10 red zones each.

The central district has eight zones.

The north-east district has four zones while Shahdara district has six containment zones.

Three red zones are in the New Delhi district.

Among the 41 zones de-contained, one zone each has been from south, Shahdara, north-east and north districts.

No containment zone from the north-west district has been de-contained so far.