By repealing the farm laws after one year central Government signal the despotism democracy-SIO Punjab

Farmers protest
New Delhi,(Y deedawar )(Asian independent)  “We proud as we part of the world largest democracy but on the other side the central ruling government shows their behaviour to address the issues of farmers is clear cut signal how the ruling govt move towards the despotism democracy.Our constitution gives us fundamental right that upheld the idea of liberal and intellectual democracy,now a days it seems occur that space of our fundamental rights becomes diminished that weakend the idea of democratic & republic india.the farmers struggle again revived the hopes of millions of people to raise your voice against injustice that given by our constitution.”
Amid repealing the three farm laws SIO Punjab zone also demands the central government to ensured a legal guarantee of MSP on various crops so that crop pattern in Punjab changed & farmers of our punjab becomes prosperous again. as we moves towards crops diversification we also takes our steps to achieve the sustainable development goals on climate change.we also appeal to our state government that a committee is appointed that looks upon the farmers debt position & take appropriate measures so that suicide ratio among farmers becomes comes down.
We also congrats the courage,patience and efforts of various farmers union leaders that lead the movement in a constructive manner by accompanies all the sects of Punjab.
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