BUDDHA PURNIMA DAANA was offered to The Most Venerable Order of Global Bhikkhu/ Bhikkhuni Sangha by following devotees of the Sangha

Most Ven Galayaye Piyadassi Mahanayaka Thero, Aggamahapandita, Saddhammajotikadhajabi MBE Abbott, Sri Saddhatissa International Buddhist Centre, London, with members of the Sangha : Ven G Dhammadassi, Ven. G Piyananda and Ven A Sri Niwasa. The Most Ven Saddhatissa, Sangha Nayaka Mahathero was one of the Bhikkhu who gave historic Diksha at Nagpur on 14th October 1956

Buddha Purnima Mahotsav Digital online

by Param Khope 

The Core Committee of Global Ambedkarite Convention (GAC) is an international network of Ambedkarites and Buddhists who organised Buddha Purnima Mahotsav Digital online on Saturday to mark Triple Buddha’s auspicious day of Birth, Enlightenment and Mahapariniravana. 

Every year, Ambedkar Hall based in Southall, London, celebrates Ambedkar and Buddha Jayanti with festivity and arranging programs for public awareness.


This year, due to Corona Pandemic and subsequent lockdown, the Buddha Jayanti was celebrated online and live streamed throughout the world.

The prominent Buddhist monks from USA, Canada, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Burma,  Thailand, UK and India joined the Buddha Jayanti program. The Buddha Jayanti celebration began with traditional recitation of Three Refuges and Five Precepts,

Dhammopadesh, Bojjhangaparitta, Metta Suttas and Punnanumodana (Blessing) in Pali by the Buddhist monks. The monks delivered short but effective Dhamma discourses stressing on Buddha’s teaching of compassionate action and mindfulness in difficult times like Covid-19.

Mr Bhimrao Ambedkar, Grandson of Bodhisatva Babasaheb Ambedkar,  Dr. Nitin Raut, Power Minister, Maharashtra,  Mr. Raj Kumar Badole, ex- social welfare minister from Maharashtra also addressed the gathering and Prof Dr. C D Naik, former Vice-Chancellor of Dr Ambedkar University of Mhow.

Dhammachari Lokamitra, the founder of TBM in India and Nagarjuna Training Institute (NTI) also spoke on importance of Dhamma in today’s turmoil.

The Most Venerable Order of Indian Bhikkhu Sangha at Nagpur, Maharashtra
Ven. Sadanand Mahathero, Mahashtavir, Ven Bodhipalo Mahathero, Ven Mahapant Mahathero,
Ven Vinayrakkhita Mahathero, Ven Sanghanada Mahathero, Ven Gyanbodhi Thera, Ven Nagadeepankar Thero,    Ven Dhammaudayo Thero, Ven Chandkitti Thero, Ven Sariputta Thero, Ven Sanghakitti Thero,

Dignitaries from various states of India were also present and stressed on bringing back Buddhism in India through taking forward the caravan of Babasaheb Ambedkar.

As Omprakash Ahirwar reported the event was very inspiring for many of us who came to know the Buddhist culture.

Further very important messages like:

  1. We need walking buddha and not the sitting Buddha,
  2. Change yourself first rather than start to change family, village, city, state or country,
  3. Talk to suffering community and work for Bahujan Hitay and Bahujan Sukhaye,
  4. Practice mediation to have patience in your daily life work.

Dyneshwar Bhimrao Nile found it first time ever online Buddha Jayanti Mahotsav, if where 30 Bhikkhus and Bhikkhuni Daana offered by many upasikas and upasaks.  If you don’t offer Daana to Sangha even on Buddha Purnima, what’s point calling oneself Buddhist.  Are we true custodian of Bodhisatva Babasaheb? First time i have seen many senior monks coming togather on Global platform from many countries and Theravada traditions.  I find it amazing achievement and we must cherish and enjoy the accomplishment of   Babasaheb’s dream.

The meeting ended with a melodious  song of ‘Angulimal’ by Dr Harish Rawalia.