British Antarctic Territory Government website

The Government of the British Antarctic Territory has launched a new website. Find out more information about the largest of the UK’s 14 Overseas Territories.

The website provides all information relating to the British Antarctic Territory (BAT) Government in a single place. It includes the latest news and information, including details on:

  • the overall strategy the BAT Government has for the Territory
  • all the current legislation for the Territory
  • consultations on any new or updates to legislation
  • the Official Gazette detailing new legislation, orders and appointments
  • how you can apply for project funding and information on some of the projects which have received funding
  • the work of our stakeholders

BAT is a wedge shaped sector of the Antarctic continent, with over 99% covered in a permanent ice sheet.

With no native population, the BAT is administered in London by staff in the Polar Regions Department of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Presence in the Territory is provided by the British Antarctic Survey, the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust and the Royal Navy’s Ice Patrol vessel.

The UK’s claim to this part of Antarctica is the oldest of any made on the continent. Under Article IV of the Antarctic Treaty 1959, all sovereignty claims to Antarctica are held in abeyance.

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