Boris Johnson challenges May’s Brexit plan

London,   British former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson on Tuesday called on Prime Minister Theresa May to abandon her Brexit plan for a future trading deal with the EU.

His remarks came one day ahead of the long-expected speech of the Prime Minister at the Conservative Party conference in Birmingham, Xinhua news agency reported.

Calling May’s plan, also known as the Chequers Plan, a “cheat”, Johnson said: “If we cheat the electorate (with the plan), we will escalate the sense of mistrust.”

“We will give credence to those who cry betrayal and I am afraid we will make it more likely that the ultimate beneficiary of the Chequers deal will be the far right,” said one-time London Mayor Johnson who is regarded as one of the leading critics of May’s Brexit plan.

He also said that if the country bottled Brexit now, the people will find it hard to forgive.