Black Lives Matter

(The Asian Independent)

The murder of George Floyd by American police has unleashed a wave of angry protests against racism and inequalities through-out the world.  These protests may seem that they are just against unlawful death of George Floyd but protests are against the racism, murders and inequalities that coloured people face on daily basis from centuries. The racism, inequalities against coloured people is not confined to America it is prevalent in “civilised” countries and where ever coloured people are living. Racism manifests openly at places what quiet evident for example where racially insulting language is used, and at other places it is institutionalised that it is hard to prove.

In our countries (Indian Sub-Continent countries) discrimination exists due to caste, religion, sex, disability or language; and people are murdered with no fear of facing the law. It was yesterday’s news that a 10 or 11 years old child shot dead as he tried to enter a temple. His only fault was that he was from a so-called lower caste and was not allowed to enter into the temple. This phenomenon of discrimination backed by religious, social and political establishment that treats some human worse than animals is inhumane and intolerable in 21st century.

Asian Rationalist Society Britain (ARSB) strongly condemns any type of discrimination by humans against fellow human based upon race, caste, colour or any other difference because it has no rationale. ARSB believes that there is only one race in the world and that is Human race. It is possible that humans can be black, white, brown, tall, male, female etc.

ARSB believes that each and every life matters and honourable. To achieve equality in real practical terms structural changes must be implemented to political, religious, educational and social institutions.

ARSB condemns any government and its policies that curtails individual or organisational independence to speak freely against government and/or its policies, apply law against social activists as a deterrent or unlawfully imprison them to keep unfair and unjust systems’ as they are or prolong them.

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