Mamta Benerjee

(Asian Independent)

– Mitej Teji

Finally the hustle and bustle to establish reign in Bengal has finally come to an end and Honourable Mamta Benerjee is victorious.

The BJP has done all it could do to tumble Mamta Benerjee but has failed. They played Hindu card to gain votes but it misfired back because in Bengal people are closely knit and live in harmony. Subash Chander Bose through Hind Army has set an example in Bengal that people from all walks of life and religions have served under him to free India from British Raj. So, all in Bengal have equal right regardless of caste, culture or creed.

The tactics to spread hate via Hindu propaganda has failed in Bengal because for them love and humanity is of utmost importance. This idea of gaining votes through spreading of hatred, to them seemed like an alien intervention. The Hindus, the Sikhs, the Muslims and the Christians all mingle into each other’s celebrations. The women feel safe on the streets of Bengal.

Unfortunately, in BJP held states and especially Uttar Pradesh raping of Adhivasi women is a norm and backed by the authorities. Bodies of the victims are being burned in middle of the night under Police supervision. People have now sussed out how BJP operates and Bengal’s victory is evidence.

To show of large crowd in the gatherings, people were transported from the adjoining states. Mr Modi, Mr Amit Shah, Adhitiya Nath Yogi and many more held large rallies but failed to make any impact. Unfortunately, the death of some TMC candidates also resulted through a shooting incident.
It needs proper investigation.

Whilst the second wave of Covid 19 was claiming lives in Delhi and elsewhere, Mr Modi and Mr Shah’s attention was fully devoted towards winning of election in Bengal. The welfare and safety of citizens was totally ignored.

Their ignorance has resulted in colossal amount of deaths. Millions are suffering through lack of oxygen. Covid 19 vaccines and oxygen are not available because to maintain his own reputation Mr Modi has supplied them to other countries. Now, India desperately needs them and are not available. People are gasping for breath and are dying. Pyres are burning all around India. Millions are suffering and the hospitals are full. It is a very dire situation.

In the rallies, all the Covid 19 protocols were ignored. Even Mr Modi and Mr Shah were seen without masks in their rallies and the crowds were tightly packed. The crowd weren’t wearing masks and this has helped in transmitting of Corona virus.

Mamta Benerjee has proved that she has got the guts to stand and face BJP. She has established herself as modern JANSI KI RANI and has shown that she possesses ability to free India from the stronghold of BJP in the 2024 elections.

Mamta Benerjee has also shown a lot of patience and courage and it has earned her worldwide respect. She has now gained popularity that would match Mr. Modi in 2024 elections.

Following her victory she has pointed that let us all be very humble. Humanity is a good thing so let us move forward with good democratic and constitutional spirit. She has also hinted that the Central Government has enough resources to give free vaccine and she will fight for this.

No celebration will take place until Covid 19 is conquered. It is a landslide victory.
The BJP has tried all the tricks but has failed. It is victory for Bengal, victory for the country and victory for the DEMOCRACY.

Guru Teg Bahadur Ji’s 400th Janam Utsab was celebrated worldwide. On the morning of 1st May 2021, Mr Modi Ji visited Sheesh Ganj Gurdwara and paid his respect. The reason behind his visit will eventually come to light. A medical emergency is in the pipeline and whether it has anything to do with it, we will have to wait and see. It could be a new step to disperse KISAAN MORCHA.

Guru Teg Bahadur Ji sacrificed his life to save Hindu religion. King Aurangzeb beheaded him where Sheesh Gang Gurdwara is. He placed Guru Teg Bahadur Ji’s sheesh on a plate and challenged for his release.

Bhai Jeta Ji a Valmikian managed to free it and took it to Guru Govind Singh Ji. Guru Govind Singh Ji was highly impressed by his bravery and honoured him Rangretta Guru Ka Beta (meaning a true disciple).

Guru Govind Ji also started the Khalsa Panth and now is highly praised worldwide for their good deeds. Serving humanity is their motto and are always present with aid wherever disaster strikes. Guru Govind Ji also started the tradition of Panj Piare. He started the tradition by knighting five disciples who answered his call for five he wanted to sacrifice. He did this to find five trustworthy and loyal disciples. Only the brave came forward.

Unfortunately, an elite Guajarati group whose ancestors have never shed a drop of blood for Mother India are trying to establish complete control over India through Hindutva.

It is because of the Guajarati leadership in the Parliament, the Kisaans have been protesting on the borders of Delhi for nearly six months and yet are being ignored. Ambani and Adani are also from Gujarat so it is a collective performance against the Kisaans.

For defeat of BJP in Bengal, Mamta Benerjee deserves credit. She has fought not just to save Bengal but also to save Indian Constitution from being replaced by Manusmiritry because it spreads hatred and categorises society. Bengal is totally against categorising of society.

New India believes in equality and fairness done by the courts and not in judgements done through encounters.

Mamta Benerjee has proved her ability but now it depends on all the party leaders whether they are willing to give her a chance.

The youth are desperate for employment but if the Corporations take over then Pyres of burning bodies on the road side will become a normal sight as it is happening today. The people are crying for help but the Government is keeping quiet. It seems their own interests are more valuable then the human loss.