– Mitej Teji

In commencement, a few words in regard to Mr. Donald Trump’s visit to India.

On his visit, he, his wife, his daughter and her husband plus his delegation, they all went to Agra to see the Taj Mahal.  On their return, in USA, they have highly praised it.

The late Valmikian researcher Pandit Bakshi Ram, following extensive research has found that Bhagwan Valmiki’s grace is connected with the Taj Mahal.

Upon finishing of the war between Luv, Kush and Shree Ram Chandra and his army. The unused Amrit, was buried by Bhagwan Valmiki Ji and here eventually, a small lake was formed and became known as the Valmiki Sarovar.

Today the Bhagwan Valmiki Mandir in Amritsar, is on the bank of this holy sarovar.  Sardar Prakash Singh Badal, the former Chief Minister of Punjab has built this magnificent temple.

The ladies even today bathe in this holy Sarovar with desire to conceive and many do bear the fruit.

The Queen Jagat Gosain alias Jod Bhai also faced the same problem. She got married to the 4th Emperor Jahangir in the year 1586 but still after five years was unable to conceive.  The queen was deeply worried and concerned about this and she summoned a fakir for help.

He suggested her to go to this holy sarovar and bathe in it and she did as he asked.

With Bhagwan Valmiki Ji’s blessing, on the 5th January 1592 she gave birth to a child who became a very famous emperor known as SHAH JAHAN.  He married Begum Mumtaz and has built the Taj Mahal in her memory.

His father, the Emperor Jahangir spent a vast amount of money in improvement of this holy sarovar in Amritsar.  The name Amritsar is because of the Amrit buried here by Bhagwan Valmiki Ji.

This information is included because very few people know about this and Mr Trump’s visit to the Taj Mahal has advantaged this opportunity to bring late Pandit Bakshi Ji’s discovery to people’s attention.

The Valmikian community is sharing this information with the world because it brings pride and dignity to Bhagwan Valmiki Ji’s name.

Bhagwan Valmiki has always been a controversial issue and still is today.  All regimes have shown interest in him.  The Aryans tried their utmost to hide Bhagwan Valmiki’s name through the introduction of the Tulsi Ramayana.

The king Akbar had the Valmiki Ramayana translated in Urdu.  The original Valmiki Ramayana is in the Sanskrit language.  Even the British during their regime in India had it translated in English.

Today, the Valmiki Ramayana has been translated in many languages.  This shows that there is worldwide interest towards it but unfortunately the hatred spread by the Aryans towards Bhagwan Valmiki and his followers the Valmikians is still at large.

The claws of the Hindutav are so deeply penetrated into it that they are finding extremely hard to let it go.  The BJP through introduction of the CAA – NPR – NRC want to bring back the Brahmin control in India.

They want to establish the same dominance they had during the Aryan regime.  Rape, murder, torture and lynching was a normal practise because the Manusmirity permitted it.

Under the BJP Government, terror is floating all around.  People are concerned about their safety and well being.  Their cries are falling on deaf ears. Riots are happening and demonstrations against the Government are taking place all over India.  They are failing to draw any attention.

The MP’s on false pretences are gaining votes and the trust of the voters is shunned after success.  This has become a general practise.  The MP’S have no morals or principals.  They are grabbing opportunities to suit them.  It seems they have no code of conduct to follow. They are doing as they please.

This behaviour of the BJP has also upset the Brahmins who have also come on the roads.  They are saying that the BJP and the RSS are lying.  They are not the originals of India.  The originals of India are the Adhi-vasis. Can they back their claim through their DNA?

They say that the Brahmins have come from Iran and the Hindus have come from central Asia.

The RSS movement was started to make Akhand Bharat. The Afghanistan, the Pakistan and the Bharat were to be united together.  All the religions were to be respected and the people treated as one.

This did not happen and now it has reached to a stage where the BJP and the RSS together are trying to establish Hindu Rashtra.  The Brahmins do not want to be the part of this.

This arises a suspicion that if the Brahmins are not in it then who are these Brahmins, representing as the Brahmins in the Mandirs?

Bhagwan Valmiki Ji has given the Holy Ramayana to this world.  Because of Bhagwan Valmiki Ji’s Ramayana, Shree Ram Chandera’s name is around.  Ram Chandera’s name has not come to this world through the Tulsi Ramayana but through the Valmiki Ramayana.

So he should be given the respect he deserves.

One can write pages and pages in praise of Bhagwan Valmiki Ji.  The fact remains that Shree Ram Chandera’s name is his giving.