– Mitej Teji

In the situation Bharat Mata is in today, is the result of the religious organisations who since the BJP Government’s success are forcefully trying to implement Hindutav in India. The CAA – NRP – NRC are linked to their agenda.

Millions are demonstrating against them all over India.  Lately, a lot of lives have been lost in Delhi and the people are being terrorised through usage of Jai Shree Ram slogan. Cries to stop CAA are being raised but the BJP still insists that the CAA is going to remain.

People are very concerned about the tormenting they will have to endure if the Hindutav takes over.

Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar outlawed the Manusmirity because it spread hatred and classified humanity.  It divided the people into two sections the higher castes and the lower castes.

The higher castes were to rule and the lower castes were to be ruled upon.

Constitutional rules and the regulations did not apply to the religious sects so they did whatever they pleased.  They made instant rules to punish lower castes.  Unfortunately, Dr Bhim Rao’s family also became victim to this.

The EK MAHANAYAK BHIM RAO AMBEDKAR episodes on the TV show of the evilness they endured.

From this production, one can learn a lot about Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar.  It shows that in his childhood he impressed many professionals through his wisdom.  At this young age he had the guts to stand and face the enforcers of evilness in his village.

A small group was under control of a rich Brahmin.  They terrorised the lower castes living in the village.  Bhim Rao was about six years old and was facing mistreatment in the school.

But a couple of the teachers could see the potential in Bhim Rao Sakpal and wanted to help him.  They could not openly help him because they feared that if their community found out then the safety of their families may be jeopardised.

With this fear hanging over them, they still pursued to help him because they did not want his potentials to go to waste.

Bhim Rao even in his childhood was a very sympathetic and a kind hearted child.  He gave one of their family blankets to a higher caste woman sitting on the street because her husband had kicked her out. It was night time and she was shivering in the cold.

Bhim saw her sitting on the spot every night so he asked his family to give her shelter and they agreed.  They did this in good faith but it turned against them.  Her husband was a member of this troublesome group.

When he found about this he became very angry.  He and his colleagues decided to get rid of her because they felt she had brought insult to the higher caste community.

So they took her to the out skirts of the village and murdered her.

Her husband and his colleagues left her behind to rot. They arranged a procession in the village to celebrate her death.  Her husband was hailed as a star for preserving the Manu-code.  They totally ignored her dead body.

But when Dr. Ambedkar’s family heard about this they went to the spot where she was.  Having realised that her family showed no interest in disposing of her body, Dr Ambedkar’s father Ramji Sakpal decided very respectfully to offer her to Agni.  Bhim Rao Sakpal lit the fire.

This good deed failed to please the higher caste.  They filed F I R against Ramji Sakpal that by cremating the higher caste woman, he has insulted the Manu Code and should be jailed for his misconduct. The police jailed him to meet the higher caste demand.

Bhim Rao stood up for his father. He with the help of a teacher hired a Barrister who represented his father in the court. He faced a lot straddles but overcome all.  His courage and his wisdom won the hearts of many.

He became popular in his childhood because he freed his father from the jail.  This was unthinkable. His father’s release upset quite a few higher castes in the village.  They started to give hard time to Ramji and his family but with Bhim Rao’s wisdom and his courage they pulled through.

Today Bhim Rao Ambedkar is becoming as household name worldwide.  The demonstrators against CAA -NPR-NRC are very proudly displaying his Constitution and his portraits.

They have now come to realise his ability, his sacrifice and the sufferings he had endured to benefit the others.  He was born poor and died poor. The knowledge and the wisdom he had, he devoted all towards MOTHER INDIA’s progress so the people of India today honour him as the SON OF MOTHER INDIA. 

What is happening today in India, happened prior to India’s Independence.  Gandhi Ji lost his life because his interest towards lower caste failed to please the higher caste organisations.  The CAA – NPR – NRC are still going to claim a lot of lives because it is the doorway to the Hindu Rashtra and the people do not want the Hindu Rashtra taking control.