(Asian Independent) Bhagwan Valmiki Pargat Utsab was celebrated worldwide. Due to Corona restrictions, the programmes had to be modified but still a lot of enthusiasm and spirit was seen amongst the followers. Kanshi TV deserves credit for transmitting full coverage worldwide of this special occasion and also Samaj Weekly is thanked for their support and coverage.

Bhagwan Valmiki’s grace is present in all the religions because his Ramayana is the core and all the religions are its offshoots. The Aryan Scriptures do justify that Bhagwan Valmiki is the one who has given first Sanskrit verses to this world.

Unfortunately, there has been a lot of controversy against Bhagwan Valmiki and his followers the Valmikians who have been degraded from rulers to mere nothing and forced to carry out inhumane duties. The Naag Vansh Adhivasi Bharati Seva Dal has always stood in protection of Valmiki Ji’s pride and dignity.

Even today the Valmikians are being preyed upon as per Manusmriti in India. The rape of Valmikian females is happening daily and mob lynching is also taking place. No mercy at all is being shown towards them by the authorities. All the past and present Governments have used the Valmikians just for their votes. They have and are very intentionally keeping them below poverty line.

In Uttar Pradesh Honourable madam Maya Wati was Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh for a good while but unfortunately the Valmikians even in her ruling have failed to progress. For survival, large number of Valmikian families migrated to other states for work. This came into notice when in thousands were seen on the roads returning back to their villages during lock down.

A highly respected Senior Supreme Court advocate who was present in celebration of Valmiki Jyanti in Delhi told a media interviewer that Valmiki Ji is the one who has shown the world the worthiness of education and his picture writing Ramayana sums this.

He also told that Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar took this on board and has earned worldwide respect. Today his Constitution is in danger and we all have a duty to protect it. I pray to Valmiki Ji to give us all strength, courage and wisdom to fend off this new wave.

My father late Mr H. R. Teji, always stood firm and fought off allegations against Bhagwan Valmiki Ji. Now a new allegation is being shared that Valmiki was a Brahmin and not a Bhangi. Some are using the word Dalit instead of Bhangi. Are Dalit and Bhangi two different communities if so then who are the Valmikians?

Dr Ambedkar during struggle for Independence of India was standing for the Dalits and Gandhi Ji was for the Hindus. If Valmiki was a Brahmin then Gandhi Ji should have stayed away from the Valmiki Temple in Delhi.

Here he stayed for nearly nine months and he should have also avoided doing cleaning duties done by the Valmikians. The matter remains why he chose the Valmiki temple when other temples were also around.

I am sorry to say that the people to fulfil their own agendas are targeting Maharishi Valmiki and his followers the Valmikians. They should learn more about the historical development of India since ancient times.

By using, examples from Manusmriti and Tulsi Ramayana does not justify that Bhagwan Valmiki was a Brahmin. These were introduced to downgrade Maharishi Valmiki who was an adhivasi.

The records declare that the Aryans have entered India through Hindu Kush and through treacherous ways have taken control. The Adhivasi kings and queens who have supported them are honoured as Gods. The ones who have opposed them are referred as demons and King Ravan is a good example.

A lot of Buddhist material is claimed to have been destroyed by the Brahmins and such has also happened with the Valmikian scriptures. Late Pandit Bakshi Ram who was a close associate of Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar and through his research has uncovered a lot of truth hidden away from the Valmikians.

The people who are trying to prove that Valmiki Ji’s origin as Brahmin should read late Pandit Bakshi Ram’s findings before reaching any conclusion. Pandit Bakshi Ram was awarded BHARAT RATTAN – BABA SAHIB Dr. B.R. AMBEDKAR – NATIONAL AWARD for the year 1992/1993 in recognition of literary, social and cultural services rendered by him to the down trodden people of India.

These people must take into account that it was Punjab that supported Dr Ambedkar when he was fighting for Dalit rights. Babu Mangu Ram a Ravi Dassian and Babu Chuni Lal Thapper a Valmikian sat on death fast in oppose to Gandhi Ji’s fasting. At that time this question of Valmiki Ji being a Brahmin was not around because the Valmikians were accounted as the Dalits meaning the inhabitants of India.

This is why Gandhi Ji chose the Valmiki Mandir and Valmikians duties for his purpose but now some organisations to fulfil their own agendas are trying to collect material and put forward in hope that the Valmikians discard their religion and jump on their band wagon.

In the manner they are putting the Valmikians across is not pleasant at all. Statements as this that Valmiki has been given to the Valmikians as a Lollipop by the Hindus, exposes of their hatred. They need to improve on this if they want to develop of any closeness with the Valmikians.

Guru Ravi Dass in his Bani has addressed Bhagwan Valmiki Ji as a Supach meaning an inhabitant as his own self so if Bhagwan Valmiki is going to be accounted as a Brahmin so will Guru Ravidass will have to be.

Such ideas are going to be extremely pernicious for the developing Unity required to face Hindutva. People with such ideas need to think deeply about this.

Jai Bharat.
– Mitej Teji