Bhagalpur power sub-station to benefit 1.21 lakh people

Patna, (Asian independent)¬†After Purnea, Power Finance Corporation (PFC) in association with South Bihar Power Distribution Company Ltd has commissioned a 2X10 MVA GIS Sub-station at Bihar’s Bhagalpur town on Friday.

The GIS sub-station is a part of Integrated Power Development Scheme (IPDS) of the Central government to celebrate 75 years of independence.

SS Rao, senior GM of PFC said: “The GIS sub-station will benefit approximately 1.21 lakh people in Bhagalpur and surrounding regions. Moreover, it will reduce the costs of acquisition, operation, and maintenance of the land. It will also provide a safe work environment to the people.”

“The sub-station project in Bhagalpur was sanctioned under IPDS scheme in 2018 at a cost of Rs 8.99 crore. The Central government has earmarked funds to the tune of Rs 5.40 crore for this project. The construction pace of the substation continued unhindered despite the challenges posed by Covid-19 and it has been completed as per its stipulated deadline of April 6,” Rao said.

Earlier on Thursday, PFC in association with North Bihar Power Distribution Company Ltd had inaugurated same capacity of power sub-station in Purnea to benefit 3.26 lakh people of Seemanchal region.