‘Betrayal’, says Congress on BJP government’s four years

New Delhi,   The Congress along with other opposition parties will observe May 26 as the day of “betrayal” and launch country-wide protests on the day when Prime Minister Narendra Modi was sworn in four years ago, party leader Ashok Gehlot said on Wednesday.

Gehlot said the theme of the protests would be “India betrayed” and the opposition would focus on the government’s alleged failure to live up to its promises.

Releasing a poster titled “Vishwasghaat, char saalon main sirf baat hi baat” or “Betrayal, the four years full of hot air”, he said opposition parties “as you saw in Karnataka” would come together with the Congress to expose the Modi government.

“The situation in the country is such and all sections of society are so unhappy that the people will force every party in the country to come together to defeat Modi and the BJP.”

Gehlot said the Congress would organise protests across the country on May 26 to demonstrate how people have lost their trust and were feeling betrayed by the “fascist and corrupt” government.

“Four years ago, many promises were made by Narendra Modi. People trusted him. But he betrayed the people. Farmers, youth, traders, women, everyone now feels betrayed. The Congress will raise its voice for the various sections of society that feel betrayed by the Modi government.

“There is sense of fear and mistrust among people. Their trust has been broken. Fuel prices are sky-rocketing. This is a loot. They (the government) don’t even care about it,” Gehlot said in a press conference with Congress spokesperson Randeep Surjewala.

He said the Congress would also raise issues that have “deeply troubled” the common man.