Bengal makes masks mandatory in public places

Kolkata: People queue up to collect food, being distributed for free among the poor, needy and homless people during the 21-day nationwide lockdown (that entered the 13th day) imposed as a precautionary measure to contain the spread of coronavirus, in Kolkata.

Kolkata, (asian independent) The West Bengal government has made it mandatory to cover nose and mouth with facial masks or any other piece of cloth, especially at public places, to prevent transmission of coronavirus.

“Covering mouth and nose at all times helps prevention of transmission of this virus. Mouth and nose should be covered by facial masks or any other available piece of cloth which may even include a properly folded or rolled dupatta (long scarf), gamcha (cotton towel), handkerchief or any such material that acts as a protective cover,” the state chief secretary said in an order.

“Therefore, it is hereby directed that it shall be mandatory to use this cover always, especially when in public places,” the order added.

Till Sunday there were above 130 cases reported from the state.