By – Rahul Kumar, Senior Journalist and Media Columnist, New Delhi

Beef exports from India to the developed nations have doubled under the Modi government. A report by OECD-FAO Agricultural Outlook shows that “India exported 1.56 million tonnes of beef in 2017 and is expected to maintain its position as the third-largest Beef exporter, accounting for 16 per cent of global exports in 2026”. Mr Modi and his administration know very well who are the beef exporters from India and what are their social background?  For sake of the information, out of the six largest meat supplier, four are Hindus by caste.

Hindus are involved in exporting Beef even then they are found lynching Muslims and others in India. “Poor people eat meat to beat their hunger. Those who go outside (the country) eat Beef. Even Hindu eat Beef”, said former Chief Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav. The travesty of truth is that people of Goa and Nagaland openly eat Beef in the market. Both Beef eating states are ruled by the BJP/RSS. This shows the true fascist colour of the BJP/RSS. Under Congress government in Goa and Nagaland, there was not a single incident in which innocent people were killed over Beef eating. It shows that the Congress Party is a liberal party and believes in social and cultural rights of the people.

The killings of poor and innocent Muslims in India by the cow vigilantes are increasing day by day. Muslims are angry about such gruesome incidents. Since the day the Modi government took reign with the help of the RSS, the mob lynching of Muslims. Out of 200 cases,125 mob lynching cases took place in 19 states ruled by the BJP/RSS. Pehlu Khan in 2017 and recently Rakabr Khan by the cow vigilantes under the nose of the BJP/RSS government has thrived. Media, as well as civil organizations, confirmed that Pehlu Khan and Rakabr Khan were never involved in cow smuggling. The sale and purchase of cows done by them were only to run milk business to support their families.

There is a simple theory that says if a criminal knows well in advance that he would not be imprisoned or punished for his crime then his daring will be revitalized to commit more crimes. This is how the mob lynching under the BJP/RSS happening in India. “Mob lynching is a deed of narrow –minded BJP members & supporters, but they consider it patriotism”, said BSP Chief Mayawati.

The cow vigilantes are funded and maintained by the BJP/RSS governments/organizations. Convicts are provided legal support by the local BJP/RSS people. Union Minister Jayant Sinha honoured Ramgarh lynching convicts after they were released on bail even as the Minister defended his action, later, an apology on his action since the pressure was built up by the opposition and the media. Neither Modi nor Amit Shah uttered a word on this issue. Jaswant Sinha disgruntled BJP man father of Jayant Sinha also did not utter a word on this issue what to talk about  Jayant Sinha`s resignation. BJP Minister Mahesh Sharma came to the funeral of Dadri accused. In the case of Kathu, the then BJP Minister Chaudhary Lal Singh and Chander Prakash Ganga attended the event organized by Hindu Ekta Manch, which was protesting against the arrests in the case. Giriraj Singh, Minister in the Modi government also rewarded the murderers. There is a long list of such BJP Ministers, MLAs who are found backing the criminals in the BJP/RSS ruled states. RSS Mob lynch thin as if they have divine mandate to carry out anti-religious minorities agenda.

RSS leader Indresh Kumar, National Convener of Rashtriya Muslim Manch asked the Muslims to give up Gosht since it is a disease. Go to any Five Star Hotel in Delhi one can find a comfortable majority of Hindus eating Gosht during social and family functions. Since inception, Rashtriya Muslim Manch did not organize a single public rally against lynching of Muslims and  Dalit public flogging and killings. From this, a common man can very well understand how dangerous the BJP/RSS are for the religious minorities in India. Indresh Kumar will never give this lecture to the RSS Hindus.

RSS Hindus claim to follow “RAMA” who proclaimed the truth but RSS Hindus in India have lost moral character. Hinduism, as a religion, as true of all backward and illiterate masses. India can never be progressive and liberal unlike western countries under RSS Hindus who are “SUN Worshippers”. RSS means are evil then ends will also be destructive. By killing innocent poor Muslims, Dalits and Christians in India Hindus of India manifest moral bankruptcy. Immoral RSS Hindus strongly believe in the ancient exclusivist divisive prototype of the “They and “Us”. RSS Hindus claim that SAFFRON stands for sacrifice and service. What type of sacrifice and service the members of Hindutva Saffrons do by killing innocent Muslims, Dalits, Christians? This is nothing but ‘Talibanisation’.

Rebuking individuals like Narendra Modi(Prime Minister of India) Jameela Khan, a Muslim woman activist in Gujarat says, “ Saare Qayenat ka malik sirf ek hai Toh ye Modi kya hai? Aaj Hai, Kal Nahi rahega(There is only one master of the universe, so what is this Modi?.He is here today; tomorrow he will not be here)(as quoted by Heba Ahmed, Seminar 707, 2018).

Modi gifted 200 cows to poor villagers in Rwanda. Modi must know it that Rwanda as a country is a meat consumption country. Julius Adekunle in his book entitled: “ Culture and Customs of Rwanda, reveals that “Rwandans have experienced numerous health problems essentially because of a lack of protein in their diets, In the Urban areas, people of Rwanda consume beef, chicken and goats to replenish dietary requirement”. The question is that, can Modi change the minds of the people of Rwanda not to eat Beef?

Modi and RSS are least bothered about the starving people, mass poverty and inequality and un-funded and segregated schools in every state of the country. The silence of the Prime Minister and Amit Shah vindicate the BJP`s dirty game to suppress the religious minorities in India. Modi and Shah have betrayed the poor farmers, SCs, STs, OBCs, Tribals. Modi and Shah weakened minorities; weakened systems of justice & delivery of equal rights. RSS Hindus are offering HATE, HATE, HATE the next generation. The members of all religious minorities are terrified across the country by RSS Hindu goons, instigators, assassins and mass murderers.

In this unfortunate situation of our country, it becomes a moral duty of every citizen of the country to get rid of the authoritarian and autocratic regime of BJP/RSS in 2019.