‘Bearded’ cop who cracked heinous Delhi crime cases hangs his boots

'Bearded' cop who cracked heinous Delhi crime cases hangs his boots.

New Delhi, (Asian independent) He was a familiar face in every prominent police investigation that required the best brains at work. From kidnapping to high-profile murders, he was seen assisting the police team with senior officers.

A prominent part of infamous Nirbhaya gang-rape and murder investigation, he was the one assisting and collecting scientific evidence raiding the hideouts of the culprits.

He was seen escorting Kanhaiya Kumar to the Patiala court when tempers ran high in 2016.

Investigations from the Ponty Chadha murder case to high-profile Deepak Bhardwaj murder in Delhi, this bearded police officer was seen everywhere noting down details and meticulously chalking out water-tight plans to arrest the accused in close coordination with his seniors.

His presence at a heinous case crime spot itself meant the investigation would pick momentum.

ACP Rajender Singh hangs his boots on Thursday. He was posted in Dwarka at present. He was also awarded the President’s Police Medal for Distinguished Service in 2018.

The investigation of the Nirbhaya case is still fresh in the memory of Rajender Singh.

He recalls the Herculean task undertaken by cops while collecting the evidence. “At times, we even had to jump the wall of the police stations and leave from behind as there were protestors gathered outside the main gate. We were able to convince the court that the brutality involved in this crime was beyond human nature. We explained the term ‘dangerous’ with medical and scientific evidence so that the culprits do not get any benefit,” he said.

The day the culprits were hanged he along with other members of the crack team breathed a sigh of relief.

On his retirement day, on being asked how he feels, he says.

“Let the law-abiding persons survive peacefully and criminal elements live miserably. I love my force and will continue to love it till my last breath,” Rajender Singh told IANS.