Be Cautious about  Ram Vilas Paswan and his son Chirag Paswan

 By – Rahul Kumar, Senior Journalist and Media Columnist, New Delhi 

As is well known about Ram Vilas Paswan that he is an opportunistic politician with no moral character. He is also known as a “Mausam Vaigyanik ”( Weather Scientist) across the political spectrum. In the last four years, Ram Vilas Paswan and his son Chirag Paswan did not raise any issue concerning the welfare of the Dalits. Not only this Ram Vilas Paswan and his son Chirag Paswan did not organize even a single  national level rally against the Modi government and Justice Ak Goel for rendering the SC/ST ACT ineffectual under the banner of Lok Janshakti Party( LJP),

All of a sudden, a love for the SCs/STs has awakened in the vile hearts and minds of both father and son. A question is: Why should only justice AK Goel be removed? There are a bunch of MPs and MLAs in the BJP who have caused damage to the SCs/ STs through evil deeds. Why not their resignation also?

Paswan and his son know very well that justice AK Goel is already a retired person. He has been favored by the Modi government to head National Green Tribunal (NGT) after retirement. This move on behalf of both father and son is a calculated move. Both knew it very well that justice AK Goel`s removal would not strengthen the SC/ST ACT since the damage has already been done to the ACT.

Their calculated move aims to win the hearts of the Dalits across India. Both father and son did not participate in Bharat Bandh call given by the Dalits on 2nd April. How can both be loyal to the Dalits? Now it is the Dalits who have to think twice before falling into the trap of father and son. Where were Paswan and his son when Dalits were mercilessly flogged? Where was Paswan when Modi government issued several directives to dilute reservations in the government departments? Where were Paswan and his son when Rajiv Gandhi National Scholarship (RGNF) meant for the Scheduled Castes(SCs) students was delayed purposively by the Modi government because of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) episode? Must keep in mind they are the same Paswans who have been demanding reservation for the upper caste.

A letter to Home Minister Rajnath Singh by father and son is nothing but a calculated move to bring back the Dalits to the BJP fold. Must be rejected without having given a second thought.

The Dalits of India must not forget that it is the same Paswan family who shook hands with the anti- Dalit and anti-reservation BJP to work against Mayawati. Paswan family doled out funds to those roadside Dalits to work day and night to organize public meetings against Mayawati. In 2014 Lok Sabha elections, roadside Dalit leaders from Delhi and other parts of India were invited to Uttar Pradesh (UP) to work against Mayawati. The negative propaganda of such roadside Dalit leaders succeeded amid Modi wave and Mayawati left without a single seat in 2014 Lok Sabha elections. It is also a common knowledge in the political spectrum that Paswan family need BJP/RSS backing to stay in power, not the BJP/RSS. Today, When Rahul Gandhi wave is catching momentum day by day, Paswan and his son Chirag have come out of a muddy water like a frog who does nothing but grunt.

It is also a common knowledge that Chirag Paswan as an actor was outrightly rejected by the Brahmin Bollywood lobby due to his caste background. After his first Hindi movie “Miley Naa Miley Hum” not a single Hindu actress accepted Chirag Paswan as a Co-Star. Chirag Paswan also went to Vaishno Devi to seek Hindu Goddess`s blessings before the release of the film. Everyone knows that Dr Ambedkar criticized Hindus Gods and Goddesses because Hindu Gods and Goddesses are the prime originators of the ‘varna’ system which later solidified as the caste system. Prof Kancha Ilaiah, a noted Dalitbahujan scholar and writer is of the opinion that Hinduism is a religion of violence, says even its gods are violent. “In fact, violence has been Hinduism’s principal mechanism of control(Bangalore Mirror). Let us recall the words of revered Kanshi Ram Ji who said: “If Thakurs of Bihar want Paswan should win he will win, if Thakurs want him to lose elections, Paswan will not win even a single seat.” From this one can understand that Paswan is nothing without Thakurs in Bihar.

The Dalits of India must understand that a leader seeking the blessings of Hindu Gods or Goddesses can never be your friend. Yes, he or she can be a deadly enemy. Both father and son are not true followers of Baba Saheb  Dr Ambedkar. The Dalits of India must also remember that Paswan family agenda is not to remove justice AK Goel but to gain the votes of the Dalits. Dear Dalit brothers and sisters, the time has come to identify who is your friend and who is your foe. If you fail to act at this time you and your children will suffer for the next five years.