US President Donald Trump

(Asian Independent)

– M. Teji

Special Pray services in aid of Mr. Trump’s Victory were held in India. Mantras were recited, unfortunately they have failed to help him.

Because of Mr. Modi’s popularity and his shown interest towards India he felt that a lot of Indian voters in America will vote for him but he failed to realise that in the foreign countries and especially in America Mr Modi’s popularity is very thin.

Not all the Indians residing overseas support Hindutva movement in India so it seems a lot of votes instead have gone to Mr. Biden because whatever is happening in India under BJP Government is having a knock on effect all around the world.

In foreign countries, prior to Corona Virus the demonstrations against the BJP Government in India were a normal sight. Presently due to worldwide lockdowns the demonstrations are being withheld and the ill feeling against the Government is still persistent.

Mr. Trump overlooked the pains of millions of Indians residing in America caused through the current Government in India. He held faith in Mr. Modi’s popularity that it will persuade the Indians to vote for him. Unfortunately this has been his downfall.

The Sikhs, the Muslims from India and the vast number of other Indian communities settled in America who are seeing that their people back home in India are being raped, tortured, murdered and burnt by the Police to destroy evidence. They do not have any respect for Mr. Modi or his Government.

In India, rapes under the BJP Government are on increase and the police, the hospitals and the authorities are involved in it. The Prime Minister Mr. Modi is failing to show of any interest. The Indians residing in the foreign countries are powerless and show their grief and anger through the demonstrations. This happens in UK, it happens in Europe and also in America.

Mr Trump’s defeat is a big setback for the Hindutva movement in India. Mr Trump showed of his support for Mr. Modi and this failed to please the majority of the Indians in America. Hindutva supporters in America are in minority so a vast number of the votes have gone to Mr Biden.

Just a few days ago in Uttar Pradesh, Manisha Valmikian was gang raped and brutally assaulted. In the manner she was brutalised she failed to pull through. To destroy evidence in the middle of the night and under police guard she was cremated in an open ground.

Now another Dalit girl has met her fate in the same manner and again the police has burnt the body in the middle of the night to destroy the evidence. This shows that some senior authority is behind this because the police and the hospitals are also part of it.

Mr Trump is standing firm and is hoping that his lawyers could find a way to reinstate him back in authority. The Inauguration Day will be on Wednesday, January 20th 2021 when the new president will be sworn in.

Kamala Harris will also be sworn in as the vice president of America. It is going to be a very joyful day for the Indians when they see a lady with the Indian genes becoming the vice president of America.

Millions of Indians are hoping that Kamala Harris is aware of the developments in India where the current BJP Government is forcefully trying to establish Hindutva in India.

Hindutva is dream of RSS and BJP. They want to take back India into the ancient times when the law and order was under control of the religious sect and code of Manu was followed. Manusmriti was the book of codes.

It spread hatred against the natives. It started caste system in India. It signified that higher caste were superior to all by birth.

It showed of inhumane ways to treat the natives and encouraged raping of the native women to demoralise and shame them.
To bring an end to these inhumane practises and in protest Dr Ambedkar burnt Manusmriti because it classified humans in varnas.

The BJP Government wants to reinstate Manusmriti. The effects of Manusmriti have already started to seep into Uttar Pradesh because it is a BJP controlled state.

Here the rapes of the Dalit women have increased, evidences to rapes are being destroyed by the police and the authorities. Judgements are being done through encounters. Is this how India is going to be under the Hindutva control?

Millions of Indians hope that where Mr Trump has failed to object to degrading of millions in India through establishing of Hindutva, Mr Biden and Kamala Harris will oppose this inhumane idea of RSS and BJP.

For God all humans are same because they are his creation. He does not differentiate between humans only the sinners do that. It does not matter who you are but the colour of the blood is same and it is red.

All the prayers done for Mr Trump have failed to help him. Religious places are powerless in front of Corona virus. Only the doctors and the nurses are the ones who are helpful in the time of need. The world needs unity and not segregation as being promoted in India through establishing of the Hindutva.
Thank you.
M. Teji