Angela Rayner to thank Covid community heroes in Birmingham as Liam Byrne launches manifesto for West Midlands Metro Mayor

Liam Byrne MP

(Asian Independent)- Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, Angela Rayner will today visit Birmingham to thank the community heroes who have helped to get us through the Covid crisis as she supports Liam Byrne’s manifesto launch for West Midlands Metro Mayor.

Angela will visit the Share Shack scheme with Liam Byrne, before joining a community meal at the Active Wellbeing Society in Birmingham.

Angela and Liam will then join Party members online to launch Liam’s manifesto for West Midlands Metro Mayor in which Byrne will put centre-stage his plan to lead green Britain, and bring back industry, helping secure over 200,000 green trades and manufacturing jobs.

Speaking ahead of the visit, West Midlands Metro Mayor Candidate Liam Byrne said:

“After everything we’ve been through, we can’t slide back to what we had before Covid. The blunt truth is that even before Covid, our region’s healthy expectancy was falling while deprivation and unemployment were going up, and violent crime almost doubled.

“That’s why we’ve called on the good people of our region to help write an ambitious plan for the future. Over 10,000 people have chipped in ideas and advice to craft this plan for us to get our share, lead green Britain and bring back industry by becoming the green workshop of the world.

‘Crucially, we want to be a place where we build more homes, protect peoples’ safety and back our youth with youth-workers back in every neighbourhood. And the foundation on which we build everything is a stronger, safer community life. That’s why I’m determined to be a mayor who champions community spirit. I’ve seen it change my constituency for the better, and I’ve seen it pull our region through this last year.

“That’s why it’s time for a mayor who’ll stand up for our region, not stand by, and put people first.”

Deputy Leader of the Labour Party Angela Rayner said:

“It’s so inspiring to see the work being done in our communities by organisations such as the Active Wellbeing Society. They are the unsung heroes of the pandemic and organisations like this up and down the country have helped us to get through the pandemic from organising food parcels and providing hot meals to support people who have been shielding.

“It is this community spirit and the values of solidarity and having each other’s backs that people in the West Midlands will see from Liam Byrne as Mayor. He knows what the area needs, and his manifesto will deliver for the people of the West Midlands by bringing back industry and good jobs, building more homes and championing incredible projects like the one we are visiting today.

“A vote for Liam on May 6th is a vote for a new future for the heart of Britain.”

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