– M. L. Teji

Since the BJP has pushed enforcement of the CAA, NPR and NRC and this in return, has unified the minorities. The BJP classes the Hindus as the majority and the rest as the minorities.   The Muslims and the other minority groups are grouping together to form solidarity.

The closeness has come so close that the Muslim brotherhood has also taken Dr. Ambedkar on board.  It is quite amazing to note that the Hindus are trying hard to implement Manusmirity to defuse the creditability of Dr Ambedkar and instead the Muslim mothers and sisters are proudly displaying his posters.

The women from all walks of life have now come to realise that the rights they have got today are because of Dr Ambedkar.  When Dr Ambedkar was alive he had to face a lot of hatred because of his caste.  He fought to outlaw the caste system and brought pride and dignity for the women who failed to get any recognition through Manusmirity.

He drafted the Indian Constitution and it replaced the Manusmirity.  It brought sigh of relief for the women.  It opened doors to progression for them.  It gave them new life.

Today the Muslim mothers and sisters by displaying Dr Ambedkar posters are showing that the era of hatred is gone.  One should be respected for his ability and not to his origin.  The idea of the Hindu dominance is not acceptable in modern India because the new generation   firmly believes that all the mankind are same.

The Hindu intellectuals of that time could not draft the Indian Constitution so Dr. Ambedkar had to complete it.   The modern generation has come to know about this and for them Dr Ambedkar has now become an ICON figure.

A BJP supporter holds up an image of Dr. BR Ambedkar during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s rally at Ramlila Maidan in New Delhi on December 22.(HT PHOTO)

Mr. Modi and Mr. Amit Shah are good leaders but Dr. Ambedkar is well beyond them.   His name will live forever for drafting and presenting the Indian Constitution where the others have failed.

SardarValab Bhai Patel refused to accept Dr Ambedkar’s resignation because he knew that no one else had capability to finalise the Indian Constitution.  He will always be remembered for drafting it in a manner that has benefitted all regardless of caste, culture, creed and gender. Displaying of the Banners by the Muslim mothers and the sisters is a big credit to Dr Ambedkar sahib.

Whatever the BJP brings upfront is based on a well worked strategy.  Firstly they cause confusion and under the screen of confusion they fulfil their requirements.  Let us take two incidents and they are life loss in Pulwama and imposing of the Act 144 in Kashmir.

What surrounds around these two incidents has made people cautious about the BJP movements.  The trust of people towards this Government has been damaged.   It seems that to impose Hindu Rashtra they will go to any length.  Mr Amit Shah’s firmness in establishing of the CAA should not be taken lightly.

Now let us take a look at the first incident of Pulwama, where forty soldiers have lost their lives due to an error of the security forces.   They failed to pick the car that waited on the road for nearly an hour for arrival of the convoy.  Should they have picked this motor then this would not have happened.

This was raised with Mr. Amit Shah and his answer was that our Security Forces are highly trained and how and why this has happened will be looked into.  The matter was shelved but now Mr Davinder Singh’s arrest with the couple of the Hizbul terrorists has come to light.

Has Mr Davinder Singh anything to do with the incident in Pulwama?  The Government is keeping quiet about it.  His arrest has started an inquiry by NIA and whether the truth will prevail, we will have to wait and see.

The second incident is that the Amarnath Yatra was suddenly stopped with the explanation that A Gun on the top of the mountain has come to notice waiting ready to be fired at the Yatris.   To gain confidence of the public a gun was shown on the TV channels.

This instigated sending of a large number of the soldiers to Kashmir.  Once satisfactory number of soldiers was stationed in Kashmir, then without any notice and in the darkness of the night Act 144 was declared.

The members of the ruling party were locked in their own homes and India claimed Kashmir as it’s territory.  The nature attached to these two incidents has made people much wiser to how the BJP is operating.

Following these two incidents then the CAA –  NPR – NRC were put forward.  From the past two experiences the public could read within the lines that this was being done to spread Hindu Rashtra in India so they decided to demonstrate against it.

The demonstrations have spread all around India.  The people want to keep Indian Constitution and they totally refute this idea of Manusmirity because it has caused division and has spread hate in the past and will do the same again.

Finally, if Brahmin Hindus want to claim that they are the true inhabitants of India then they will have to change worldwide literature because it declares that they have come and settled in India.  Today the world wants to know who the true inhabitants of India are.

Several members of the British Parliament have also expressed their concern about CAA – NPR – NRC.  In opposition, the demonstrations throughout the world are taking place.

Jai Bharat – Jai Bheem

M. Teji