Alliance Against Gandhi Statues

Protest against erection of Gandhi Statue at Cathedral Square, Manchester

Date: 21/11/2019, 14:00-16:00 pm

  Alliance Against Gandhi Statues has decided to stage a protest on 21st Nov 2019, from 14:00 to 16:00 pm against the unveiling of Gandhi statue at Cathedral Square, Manchester. The protest will take place in front of Manchester City Council, St Peter’s Square, M60 2LA.

Contrary to popular belief, Gandhi was a racist, misogynist and apologist for fascism. The saintly image of Gandhi is Indian ruling castes contrivance and it serves their international diplomatic purpose. Indian and Western mainstream media avoids talking about the bleak side of Gandhi’s personality as it may obstruct their bilateral relations and mutual economic interests.

However, the diplomatic motive and political correctness that results into Gandhi statues being erected in West is a mockery of its egalitarian and democratic values West represent and more so the UK. The presence of Gandhi statue amidst our public places on one hand normalizes the sexual deviation like paedophilia (one of the controversial perversion of Gandhi). On the other hand it goes against the grain of values of equality and social inclusion as Gandhi was against the empowerment of socially marginalized communities as well as religious minorities.

Therefore, the Alliance Against Gandhi Statues (AAGS) condemns the morally thoughtless decision Manchester City Council of allowing the unveiling of Gandhi statue on 25th of November 2019. Alliance against Gandhi Statues was forged to give check to the hypocrisy in the garb of political act that goes against the British ethos and principle of democracy, equality and humanity Britain has always stood for.

Popularising Gandhi in the UK despite his anti-social personal traits and deviant sexual habits will do more damage to the culture and people all around.

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