Against Intimidation and Coercion of Activists

Vidya Bhushan Rawat

This is outrageous that this government is carrying a sinister campaign against the Dalit Rights activists. While not every one of them can be claimed to be Ambedkarite activist but the way the Maharashtra government has picked them up from different location and trying to change the track of the entire Bhima Koregaon incident is a blot on the polity of India. It is extremely shameful that the perpetrators of the violence on the very first day on January 1st, 2018 at Bhima Koregaon is roaming free and being protected by the Maharashtra Police while many others activists are being arrested.

The fact is that Maharashtra police want to blame the Ambedkarite activists being in close league with so called Maoists for carrying this incident. This is more dangerous. The Bhima Koregaon celebrations are organised by the Ambedkarites every year and the assembly is peaceful. Ofcourse, the number is increasing every day. That peaceful assembly of people was targeted by the Peshwai supporters who can be called the caste supremacists and yet the police could not do anything and allowed the attack by these Peshwai goons to happen but it is leaving no stone unturned when the Devendra Fednawis government is harassing and persecuting the Dalits.

The pattern is similar such as in Uttar Pradesh where Chandra Shekhar Azad and Bhim army revolted against the Rajput hegemony in Saharanpur and now facing extremely hostile atmosphere there. Rather than taking actions against Thakur rogues the Yogi Adityanath government has unleashed a reign of terror and intimidation against the Dalits which includes arrest of even minor boys aged 12.

This is very disturbing. The pattern is clear. On the television you come and worship Dr Ambedkar. Sing hossaanas about him, purchase a few of those who claim to be Ambedkarite, give them some positions of power and use Ambedkar to abuse Nehru but at the ground level work against his principles, ideals and intimidate Dalits. It is nothing but pure intimidation of the Ambedkarites before the elections using all the coercive methods before the elections so that they are cowed down.

Ambedkarite movement and youngsters are powerful enough to reject such intimidation and will fight. Positive side is that Ambedkarites use the constitutional methods and have faith in the constitution and rule of law. It is the government, its chums and followers of the Sangh parivar who have no faith in the constitution so laboriously drafted by Baba Saheb Ambedkar.

We condemn the arrest of activists under various acts and charged with serious non bailable offenses. Propagating an ideology is no wrong. There is no action against the Bajrangis and other saffronites for oppenly brandishing their sword, threatening and abusing people, threat of rape and murder to female activists and police cant find them. This is the administration today. It has plunge into new low.

Disagreeing a government and even the pattern of democracy is not crime. If some one suggest that we are the best democracy than they are living under illusion but yes this worst democracy too is better than dictatorship, is a factor and that is why we have to protect it all cost. The attempt to shut the voices of the people having different political orientation is condemnable and a challenge to democracy.

We demand action against the goons and thugs who attacked the Bhima Koregaon’s peaceful assembly of activists and followers of Baba Saheb on January 1st. Why are they roaming free and enjoying political patronage?

Vidya Bhushan Rawat