Adopt canons of public expenditure advocated by Bharat Ratan Ambedkar for saving the economy from fiscal crisis

Kurukshetra, (Asian independent) “To save the economy from the fiscal crisis, we should adopt the canons of public expenditure advocated by Bharat Ratan B.R. Ambedkar which ensure spending the resources garnered from the public not only according to rules, laws and regulations but should also see that ‘faithfulness, wisdom and economy in execution”, believes former Vice Chancellor Professor M.M. Goel and Kurukshetra based Needonomist. He was speaking as chief guest of a national webinar organised by Dept. of Economics & Rural Development, Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Avadh University  Ayodhya   today on the topic ‘ Relevance of Ambedakar in Present Economic Scenario of India’. Professor Vinod Srivastava Head of the Department welcomed and presented citation on the achievements of Prof. Goel.

The allocation of public expenditure among competing demands and the manner of utilization fall within the domain of Ambedkar’s canons, which can be seen as a touch-stone  of public spending , told Prof. Goel.

Dr. B.R. Ambedkar was a professional economist who submitted various memoranda to the Government which are indicative of his knowledge of economics  a unique aspect of  scientific free mind, said Prof. Goel.

Ambedkar proved to be the father of human resource development by incorporating various safeguards in the Indian Constitution for improving the socio-economic, educational and cultural conditions of the Scheduled Castes, explained Prof. Goel.

His intellectual acceptance of Buddhism principles reflected everywhere in Bhagvad Gita, said Prof. Goel.

Prof. M.M. Goel

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