A Proud Moment: Faculty Dr. Jagbir Singh has been appointed Professor in Delhi University

Dr. Jagbir Singh

-Dr. Rahul Kumar, Senior Correspondent, the Asian Independent, UK-

(Asian Independent)- It is a proud moment for Dr. Jagbir Singh and his family when he is appointed as full Professor in University of Delhi. Internationally recognized expert Prof. Jagbir Singh is teaching Geography at Swami Shraddhanand College in the Department of Geography. Previously, he worked as Professor –cum Director on Deputation basis in Haryana Government (India), University of Deenbandhu Chhotu Ram Chair for Sustainable Development, Sonepat, and Haryana.

Prof. Jagbir Singh has specialization in Disaster Management; Environment and Sustainable Development & Spatial Information Technology .Prof. Singh is the first Indian Research Scientist to complete a Ph.D. on Ecological and Environmental Threats to the Great Barrier Reef, Australia. He has also completed his MBA degree in Disaster Management from IP Govt. University, New Delhi, India. Prof. Jagbir Singh has completed three months course on Religion, Conflict and Peace from Harvard University, USA and three months course on Community Based Disaster Risk Management organized by World Bank.

Prof. Jagbir Singh delivered a guest lecture at Indiana State University, USA in 2012. He presented his paper at the International Conference, held at Philadelphia, Winder University, USA. His book on Disaster Management: A Data Analysis Approach was released by Her Excellency, the Head of UN DRR, and Switzerland.

Prof. Jagbir Singh has convened thirty International Conferences-cum-workshops and fifty National Conferences and workshops related to Disaster Management, Environment and Sustainable Development. He has written fifteen research papers in International and National Journals and ten books including Disaster Management, Tsunami Disaster, Environment and Development and his new book on Mass Disasters & Crisis Management Skills is under progress.

Prof. Jagbir Singh has visited USA, Canada, France, Australia, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Russia, Singapore, Maldives, Uzbekistan, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Nepal, Fiji, Bangladesh, and Switzerland. Being a member of International Association of Hydrological sciences, Canada, Prof. Jagbir Singh contribution into this field is commendable.

Prof. Jagbir Singh is a great philanthropist. He has been engaged with charitable foundations thereby helping the poor and needy people in India.