A historic vote for the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo

The situation concerning the Democratic Republic of the Congo Report of the Secretary-General on the United Nations Organization Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (S/2019/6)

Statement by Ambassador Karen Pierce, UK Permanent Representative to the UN, at the Security Council briefing on the Democratic Republic of Congo

Thank you, Mr President.

The fact that we’ve been fortunate enough to have so many briefers today testifies to the importance of this issue. I’d like to thank them. I’d like to thank the Minister and the SRSG in particular for being with us.

I’d like to make five brief points if I may, Mr President.

I think the first point, as many speakers have said, is this is a critical moment in DRC’s history precisely because of the prospect of the peaceful transfer of power, so there’s a lot at stake. Mr President, this is a historic chance for the DRC’s people.

The second point is that the most important thing is that the democratic will of the Congolese people is respected. As others have noted, these are provisional results, so there is a chance for the Congolese people to have the result they voted for. To that end, it’s critical, Mr President, that data and methodology of voting must be examined. We have noted the CENCO statement that their data does not reflect the announced result and we therefore request both CENCO and CENI to give further data and other analysis in the electoral process and we, like others, would like to know if it is possible for CENI to publish results at the level of local polling centres and bureaux de vote. We think that’s a very important next step, Mr President.

My third point is that as we know the electoral process is ongoing, so it’s important in the coming days that the Congolese people see a process that delivers what they voted for and that any disagreement is done through the proper channels and is done peacefully and constructively.

My fourth point, Mr President, is to echo calls for the lifting of media restrictions, including as regards the internet.

And my fifth point, Mr President, and my last point is to support the African Union call for all stakeholders to act in a way that consolidates democracy and preserves peace and for violence to cease.

Thank you very much Mr President.