33 in Gurugram linked to Tablighi event taken for Covid-19 testing

200 teams fan out to locate 603 Tablighi Jamaatis in Hyderabad

Gurugram, (Asian independent) A total of 33 people, who had attended the Tablighi Jamaat event in Delhi’s Nizamuddin or were family members of the attendees, were traced by teams of police and health officials in two separate operations in Gurugram on Tuesday and were taken to two different hospitals to be tested for coronavirus, an official said.

The two raids were conducted at Helimandi under Pataudi tahsil and Dhankot.

In Helimandi, the house of Gulzar was checked. According to the official, there were 14 persons, including women and children, in his family and 13 persons had recently come from the Loni border area of Delhi and were staying in the house.

Some of the family members recently participated in in the Tablighi Jamaat event and are suspected coronavirus cases. The investigation is currently on to know how many persons are left in the house and the places they visited recently.

“We have posted pamphlets outside his house with directions to avoid visiting or approaching that house. That house is also under quarantine until it is sanitised,” said Gurugram CMO, J.S. Punia.

In the case of Dhankot, six persons, who had participated in the religious event were found and admitted to the isolation ward of the Civil Hospital in Sector 10.

Gurugram currently has 10 positive cases and anyone of these 33 people test positive, the tally will spike.